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About Us

An employee owned boutique with a singular focus on discovering undervalued investment opportunities.

SKBA Capital Management, LLC is an independent San Francisco based boutique investment management firm founded in 1989. We manage equity and fixed income portfolios for institutions, individuals and financial professionals using our time-tested value investment approach seeking to preserve and increase client capital while maintaining appropriate risk exposure and downside protection.


The cornerstone of our value proposition lies in the consistency of our people, process and perspective. Our disciplined, time-tested, and value-driven investment approach focuses on preserving and increasing our client's assets.


As an employee owned firm our interests are aligned with those of our clients. We bring an unwavering dedication to a consistent investment process and are defined by our investment research, dedicated client service and high ethical standards.

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What Sets SKBA Apart?

SKBA Capital Management's investment disciplines and commitment to meeting client objectives have been developed, refined and maintained since 1989. Our boutique culture remains a hallmark of our firm.


The founding principals had previously worked together for several years as the Institutional Management Group at a major regional bank in California.  SKBA's founding principals sought to create a firm focused on value investing grounded in the fundamental belief of research-driven investing in both equity and fixed income.


SKBA is owned by employees and original founders.  Six of the firm’s employees, including five investment professionals, are part of the ownership group. No single shareholder owns more than 25% of the firm.


As employee owners, we have skin in the game in terms of capital investment in the firm along with personal investment in the same strategies we employ for our clients.  So our interests have been and will continue to be aligned with serving our clients and their investment needs.

Established, time-tested philosophy and proven investment process


Our firm brings together an experienced group of investment professionals committed to a proven value-based investment approach first pioneered by our founding principals. Our investment disciplines have been built and refined for three decades integrating the best practices of fundamental stock selection, sector allocation, and our economic views. We believe that rigorous and insightful proprietary research, conducted within a consistent and disciplined process executed by an experienced team, provides the best opportunity for consistent investment returns over time.

  • Integrity and Trust

Strong values, alignment of interests, investment focus, creative perspectives

  • Client Focused

We always act in the best interest of our clients, with the highest standards of professional integrity to build enduring relationships of trust and confidence 

  • Unique Valuation Discipline

We stick to our value-oriented investment disciplines, foster independent thinking, do not respond to investment fads and are not afraid to take views contrary to conventional wisdom 

  • Patience

We value our history as patient, thoughtful, long-term investors who avoid short-term thinking and trends

  • Teamwork

We make decisions through consensus-building in our investment strategy team, with a willingness to go against the market's consensus views at turning points

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