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SociallyResponsible Value

For SKBA's SociallyResponsible Value strategy the firm is committed to the identification of companies that reflect positive or improving environmental, social and governance qualities.  Such opportunities may be mispriced, and may be in the process of reforming responsible policies and procedures, that have not yet been fully appreciated by the market.


Even after 20 years, and the rising interest in socially responsible investing, SKBA remains differentiated with its commitment to a value investment philosophy that the firm seeks to align with client values.


Mid-Large Cap Value | Socially Responsible


Bottom-Up Fundamental ESG

Strategy Composite Inception

January 1, 2000


40 to 60


Active Management

ESG/SRI Bottom-Up Integration

Desirable Responsible Exclusionary Screens


Separate Account

Mutual Fund

SMA/UMA Managed Account

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