Over 20 years of experience partnering with the ESG community and providing a unique Value solution.

A Commitment to ESG & SRI

SKBA has been committed to meeting the needs and objectives of our clients seeking to align their financial goals with their values.  For over 20 years, we have offered portfolios that reflect our fundamental value-based investment philosophy in combination with our analysis of Environmental (E), Social (S) and Governance (G) factors.  We believe that such portfolios dedicated to a fundamental value approach – as well as the identification of positive environmental, social and governance factors – have the ability to meet both the long term financial goals of investors and be aligned with their personal or organizational values.

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A Balanced Approach to ESG

SKBA’s approach typically takes into consideration the differing needs of both faith-based and progressive investors.  The team will start with the most commonly desirable exclusionary screens; they will then weigh both the financial and ESG profiles of the prospective investment using internal research analysis and external ESG research services to create and monitor the eligible universe for investment.

Investment Options

ESG Value Equity 

Separate Account
SMA/UMA Managed Account

ESG Value Equity
Mutual Fund

Aligning a Value investment philosophy with client values 

Active, High Conviction & Value

SKBA believes that Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors can have long-term financial implications on a company’s revenues, expenses and overall risk profile.  By identifying undervalued opportunities where stock prices have overshot true changes in underlying fundamentals, SKBA seeks to generate alpha through disciplined, bottom-up research of ESG factors and company financials.

  • Active Management

We believe in the need for active management in ESG portfolios to identify both positive and negative factors that cannot be identified with simple screens.

  • High Conviction = Best Ideas

We seek to build portfolios that reflect the team's best ideas and don't replicate a passive index or benchmark.

  • Value

The team at SKBA focuses on what it believes it is best at: value investing.  Where many of the firm’s ESG peers emphasize a growth oriented process, we believe it is important for investors to have access to the same diversifying strategies that are used to build traditional client portfolios.  More choices can provide better portfolio diversification over full market cycles.

  • Customization

Since 1990, we have partnered with clients to develop custom ESG portfolios that reflect their specific values.

  • Experience

SKBA has been involved in the ESG/SRI community for three decades.  The firm has been a part of the evolution of SRI and ESG investing and understands that every client has values that matter to them.